Hands Free Shopping

This is how I style most of my TV and editorial jobs and it works really well. Hands free shopping means me shopping for you without you there. Whether you want some more pieces for your wardrobe, have a wedding to go to or a birthday coming up, whatever your reason, I can do the shopping for you. We will arrange a time for me to come to your house, or you to come to my studio where you can try on the clothes and pick the pieces you want to keep. I'll return the rest.  

The benefits of hands free shopping are: 

  • Saves you the time of going shopping.

  • I have up to date knowledge of what's in the shops. 

  • Clothes hand picked for you - I will have filtered through anything that doesn't work for you in the shops.

  • Flexible - we can meet at a time that suits you so it can fit around your daily life.

  • No trying on in changing rooms - instead you'll be in the comfort of my studio or your home. 


This service can be used as often as you like. 

George Buxton | Personal Stylist | info@stylebygb.co.uk
Studio: Shelford Place, London, N16 9HS