Alongside Personal Styling I work as a Stylist for TV, Film, Commercials, Music Videos and Editorials. 'Style by GB' was born from feedback from men and women I dress for TV who told me they loved what I'd put them in but they'd never have bought it themselves.  

Things I know:

  • Everyone should feel great in what they wear.

  • Style doesn't mean following the latest trends at all times.

  • Dressing well doesn't have to break the bank.

  • A lot of people are wearing the wrong sized clothes.

  • It is very easy to get stuck in a 'style rut'.

  • Just because our shape has changed, it does't mean we know how to dress the new one.

  • As we get older we can worry that we're getting left behind or that we're moving too far forward.

I dress men and women of all ages and all sizes and think that people should feel excited about getting dressed and not be filled with dread.


George Buxton | Personal Stylist | info@stylebygb.co.uk
Studio: Shelford Place, London, N16 9HS